Manchester United’s New Season Tactics Finalized

Nevertheless, from the strong performances in the preseason matches, it’s evident that the players need more time to adapt and synchronize with the new tactical approach. We look forward to a more cohesive and complete performance from Manchester United in the upcoming weeks.

The last stop of the United States trip, an exceptionally ‘comfortable’ watching time, forced me to suppress my emotions in the office and watch the entire live broadcast. Compared to the constant debates among Manchester United fans about ‘this player is good, that player is bad,’ this game further solidified BA88 Casino‘s previous views on the formation for the new season. We also witnessed many surprising moments during the match. As usual, let’s review the game in detail after the match:

The instruction manual finally arrived?

After struggling for two years at Manchester United, Sancho finally got the chance to face his old team again. Continuing to appear in the false 9 position, his performance has been gradually improving. Seeing the familiar yellow jersey, it seems that Sancho’s inner hero gene has been ignited. He dares to take action, shows resistance, makes clever moves, and exhibits off-the-ball runs. As previously expressed by the bald one: the central position is the most suitable for Sancho, and he has proven himself in the center, still being part of the bald one’s plans for the new season.

Manchester United's New Season Tactics Finalized
Manchester United’s New Season Tactics Finalized

Certainly, in terms of back-to-goal play, passing accuracy, and even shooting, he may not compare to the regular Martial. However, the prerequisite for ‘If I have a healthy Martial’ is health. For Martial, health is even a huge gap between him and the top ten Ballon d’Or contenders. So, don’t underestimate anyone. Even if Holland officially joins, it won’t bring immediate impact like Haaland did. Therefore, rotating options on the front line will be the mainstream in the new season. Sancho has also found a suitable position for himself in the bald one’s system. After facing his old team in this match, he hopes to reclaim his instruction manual and become a key player in the new season.

Dalot and Wan-Bissaka, a sweet trouble?

Just looking at today’s game, Dalot’s performance was very exciting, with his fighting spirit and forward thinking being particularly eye-catching. Not only did he deliver an amazing long-range shot in the first half, but in the second half, he even performed a tribute to Marseille with a stunning turn in the opponent’s penalty area. However, Dalot’s defensive performance in the 60 minutes he played was a matter of different opinions, leaving Lindelof, who covered for him, quite exhausted.

As for substitute Wan-Bissaka, it’s evident that he’s still in a vacation mode. However, his air-headed shot in the second half brought endless joy to those watching the game. Although Wan-Bissaka also actively joined the attack and followed the tactical arrangement of the bald one, at least from his 30-minute performance in the second half, the support he provided on the offensive end seemed somewhat insufficient. His high positioning also created problems in chasing back, and the defense seemed a bit overwhelmed after being pressed by Dortmund’s wingers in the second half.

Although I know that Manchester United’s ultimate solution on the right side is the ultimate combination of Wan-Bissaka and Dalot, this is not the world of Dragon Ball, and we only have two pieces with very different styles, like Goten and Trunks. In the new season, Manchester United’s right side will once again enter the mode of “competing with each other and choosing the best.” From the performances in these preseason matches, the Great Camel seems to be a better fit in this high-pressing and counter-attacking tactical system, making him a potential starter in the first game against Wolverhampton.

how Manchester United to crack it?

In the match against Borussia Dortmund, their tactical targeting was very strong. Despite Adiyemi, Alar, and Malen playing in different positions in the frontcourt, their impact with a central pivot and two wings flying together kept Dalot and Wan-Bissaka tightly pressed in their own half. The first two goals of the match, aside from Heston and Ice Man’s mistakes, were directly related to the opponent’s repeated pressing on the flanks with speed.

According to the tactical arrangement in the preseason matches, transitioning quickly between attack and defense and playing short passes in a small area are the main concepts of the tactical thinking for the new season. However, the players have not fully adapted to the faster pace of attack and defense, especially the speed of regaining positions and defensive coordination after pressing high up the field, which can be described as chaotic. This situation was already exposed in the previous match against Real Madrid, where the entire team retreated quickly in the face of the opponent’s rapid transition from defense to attack. Due to the constant changes in formation during the attack, the defensive positions became disorganized when retreating, and except for the center-backs, everyone was not in their initial defensive zones. How to collaborate and position defensively is still insufficient among the players. Improving the young players’ clear roles and defensive positioning in a short period of time after transitioning from attack to defense will be one of the most crucial tasks for the bald one in less than two weeks.

The cloudy future of little Pea

Speaking of looks, Perisic is undoubtedly one of the top players in the current Manchester United first team. However, his on-field performance is a bit disappointing. Today, playing on the left side, he was able to hold the ball and made several attempts to break through, showcasing the finesse of South American players in their small technical skills. He also frequently dropped back to his own half to help the midfield build up play, demonstrating his determination to stay with the team. However, one of the characteristics of South American players, which is their tendency to stick to the ball, has also become a downside for him in the current Manchester United setup. His small build already puts him at a disadvantage in ball retention, and sticking to the ball too much often leads to being fouled from behind or losing possession due to being double-teamed. His attacking pace has also noticeably slowed down, considering his age is not young anymore. Coupled with his desire for more playing time, there may be a question mark whether he will stay with the team after this season.

New Season New Playing Style

Despite not fielding a complete starting lineup in any of the preseason matches, noticeable changes in attacking and defensive transitions, creating numerical advantages in midfield and attack, and applying high-intensity pressing after losing possession are evident. Compared to last season, the team’s overall attacking efficiency may improve, the midfield play could become more concise, and the attacking phase might be more proactive, bringing significant changes to the team’s performance.

With the addition of Højbjerg in the attack, PP88 believes that it could partly address the team’s lack of offensive capabilities. However, putting all hopes on a 20-year-old striker, who was relatively unknown in the Danish league just three years ago, might be wishful thinking. Nevertheless, from the strong performances in the preseason matches, it’s evident that the players need more time to adapt and synchronize with the new tactical approach. We look forward to a more cohesive and complete performance from Manchester United in the upcoming weeks. From:Easygame

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